How To Become Location Independent And Work From Anywhere

If you are stuck in a job and want more freedom in life to travel the world or just work from home, book today your consultation call.

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We help 9-5ers quit their jobs and become location independent

Work from anywhere

Teaching you a proven skill to generate a high income while working from anywhere in the world.

Online income

Quit your 9-5 job, break out of the hamster wheel and replace your income with online income.

Flexible strategy

Creating a personal & flexible strategy which allows you to start living life on your own terms.

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Become location independent and close deals from anywhere

Earn just as much money as any online business owner without building a team, starting a business or having your own product or service.

  • Become your own boss
  • Become financially independent

  • Recover your freedom to start living life on your own terms


About Markus Dunk

Markus helps people who are stuck in a job to successfully transition into an online career as a remote sales closer. Thereby he is specialized on closing deals remotely for influencers or coaches with a minimum of time invest.

He shows how to transition into a dream career that you don’t need a vacation from without having to work 9-to-5 in an office, having to start your own business or wasting your time with other “make money online” systems that rarely deliver any of the results promised by all these gurus.

To start a career online as a closer, you don’t need a degree, a brilliant CV or any certificate. All that counts are the results that you are able to deliver.

Your goal is easily achieved if you master a learnable skill, like closing, that allows you to earn very good money online while you can be free and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Close deals from anywhere

With our help you will be able to finally take life back in your own hands and switch over to a digital career that is tapping into an estimated $325 billion dollar market by 2025.

Free Training


How to close deals remotely for influencers and coaches

  • Level up your money game by working from anywhere in the world
  • Learn a high-income skill that is 100% recession-proof
  • Become financially confident
  • Have time freedom and be your own boss

That’s why we developed a proven system that will give you the right tools and strategies to become a pro remote closer.

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The Program Includes:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Remote closing is a skill. Like any skill, you can master it regardless of your professional background.

In order to do that, you will need 1-on-1 support, a cheerful community to practice with and modules covering everything you need to know to become a successful remote closer.

You get all of these things with Remote Closer Mentoring (RCM).

If you follow the blueprint of RCM, follow through the modules and participate in the live calls and community you will master remote closing.

But you need to make an effort. You need to show up, practice call scenarios and engage with the content at least 1 hour a day.

Is your dream life important enough for you to put in the effort?

If so, why not apply now?

It all depends on how much time & effort you put into the program.

Some of our students receive their first commission check within 90 days.

Some of them start seeing results after 90 days.

Just take a look at the review section.

The real question is: Do you have what it takes to step up and take charge of your life?

We’re providing all the resources.

You just need to commit and do the work to make it happen.

Most sales training programs offer only a curriculum you can go through alone.

With RCM you get:

  • 1-on-1 support with a dedicated Client Success Manager.
  • Daily group coaching sessions with fellow students. Hosted by our Coaches.
  • Access to our exclusive community who are all pursuing the same goal of becoming a successful remote closer. They are going to support, encourage and motivate you. They will cheer for you when you share your wins and they will pick you up when you have a bad day.

I was born in Germany and I asked exactly the same question from my mentor before I started my journey in the world of sales and closing.

We have many students who are crushing it as non-native English speakers.

As a matter of fact, you will have a huge competitive advantage.

You will be able to close business deals in multiple languages.

This means you will have more opportunities as a remote closer, because you gain access to a greater variety of markets.

Instead of an impediment, think of it as a superpower.

I get you.

You may feel discouraged to enter the dojo with a white belt.

I was in the same shoes.

I had zero background in sales when I decided to study closing back in 2017.

Since then I’ve closed over $2,000,000 USD for my clients.

What about our mentees?

More than 90% of our students learned remote closing from scratch.

So don’t worry, you will be among the majority.